Signs of Fall

For us living in the SF Bay Area, a sign of fall is striking sunsets over the bay and Golden Gate Bridge. The fog hangs around most of the summer, but by late October we start to see some color in the sky. This sunset a few days ago was like a painting, with big swashes of color going at different directions. It was very gaudy, and I tried to tame it a bit with desaturation and decreasing the brightness in some areas closest to the setting sun. Still, very flamboyant.

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Indeed, Kathy, the swaths of color in the sky are quite striking. The sky’s partition between bright and dark has good balance and shows off the effect of clouds near the sun. The narrow swath of land/bay with the Golden Gate Bridge is a great addition telling us where this was taken.

It looks like you too found figuring out how/where to post in WC a bit challenging. Do you think that adding details to the WC gallery description would help?

Excellent colors; a beautiful sunset and a nice view of the bay and bridge.

Hi Mark,
Yes, I did have some trouble posting this time, but I can’t remember why. It does help to have pop up questions, like, “Did you remember to put in the title?” or “what number is the challenge?” for people like me. I’m also wondering if this gallery could be added to the list of Image Critique Galleries, since it is supposed to also be for critiques. I think it’s easy to overlook where it is placed now. I’m still a little overwhelmed with all the choices and the more direction, the better.

What a vantage point! Beautiful colors and the light is fantastic…score!


An exceptional sunset ! It brings back my memories of living in the UC Berkeley dorms during my freshman year. The on campus dorms were far too rowdy, so I was able to snag a room in their older dorms, far up in the Berkeley Hills. I loved watching the fog roll in over the Golden Gate Bridge.