Golden Gate Sunrise This was taken recently from the Berkeley hills one morning before the smoke came into the SF Bay Area. We get these “low fog events” in the fall, and it is always fun to try to get the tips of the Golden Gate bridge sticking out from the fog. I wanted to keep this minimal with subtle colors. It was heavily cropped, but my camera seems to handle that. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

ISO500, 200mm, f/9, 1/160 sec.

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Love this - in all my years down there, I never got a shot like this, on my “bucket list.”
Your minimalist processing and colours are perfect.

Love the mix of gold and blue, with the terrific fog bank, Kathy. The tiny pillars of the bridge set the scale very well even as they make the story complete. The details look fine in the larger version.

Wow, this is outstanding! Very impactful image! Very difficult to produce something unique of such a iconic, world wide subject as is the GG Bridge. Beautiful!

I’m with Sandy on the having this on my bucket list. Well, at least I have one now… :wink:


This one of the nicer images I have seen of this phenomena. The clouds and the light are excellent. The layers of different hues look great.

Excellent, Kathy. Interesting and effective framing with really great morning light on it.

I love it when the clouds invert and fall to the ocean (at least that’s what it looks like). The light and colors are a big bonus and the tips of the towers are the only thing that tells you that you’re not in an airplane above the clouds. Nice shot, Kathy!

I missed this…
A dream photo, spectacular.