Skagit River from Hwy 20 @ MP 100

I posted another frame of this scene as a color image in Landscape a couple of weeks ago. Someone suggested I try it as a B&W. In this case I started with an image I’d exposed for longer than the color one I posted. Conversion was by Silver Efex Pro II. Just a slight crop from the top to eliminate a couple of small sky patches that didn’t fit the scene. Exposure was 25 sec at iso 500 and f/25.

Dennis, the bare trees stand out well here. The vertical to horizontal change in texture is nicely dramatic as well. I’m finding the brightness of the water at the bottom too strong.

This has a wonderful range of tones and I like the graphics of the vertical tree trunks framed in a horizontal format, Dennis. It may be an illusion, but this looks like it needs a little CW rotation. The B&W version turned out really well.