Slot Canyon 21-23

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Old iPhone 8 images
Heavily processed all three images from the same file.
These images are what I heard called Lens-based art.
I started with a file from a phone and then played with Luminar AI tools to make it a different image. More like painting than photography.

Specific Feedback

Your thoughts about what these images are.

Technical Details

iPhone 8 Luminar Neo

An interesting series, Steve. Having seen lots of slot canyon images, it was pretty obvious where you started with these, but I like what you’ve done. It looks more like a cavern somehow lit from within than a canyon. I particularly like #1 and #3, while the extra canvas on the right of #2 doesn’t seem to add anything of interest. #3 particularly appeals to me because that central projection coming down from above is much more prominent and the added canvas with darker tones on the bottom forces the eye right down the center.

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These look great Steve! I would have guessed these images were from a cavern. The framing in #1 works best for me. That glow in the center is great.

Im probably wrong here but a series of photographs are usually different but have a common thread. However, they are all beautiful shots. If I had to choose a composition, I like #3 as I like the framing of the darker areas and the glow of the middle. Where is this? I want to go to antelope canyon but think the crowds will drive me nuts. Upper or lower canyon if Antelope?

Steve, the first one does a great job of putting me right there, almost dizzy fro the strong swirling sense that you’ve got… It feels like the inside of a wave. The mix of lights and darks works very well.

Wow. What’s there to not like in here. The Gates of Hell. Very impactful for sure. And incredibly beautiful.