Small scene, ice and rock in a frozen lake shore

Last winter i found this small scene in Campotosto lake (Abruzzo, Italy) near my home. I was struck by the shape of the ice, similar to rock shape. I tried to arrange elements to emphasize the relationship between rock and ice but i found it difficult due to the presence of disturbing elements around the scene, this composition is the best i can i could do.

Do you have any comments and suggests regarding composition and post processing?
Thank you guys.


Lovely and well seen - the shape of the ice does mimic the rock, like yin and yang. Perhaps a bit of color adjustment would make the difference between the ice and rock stand out even more. I gave it a crack - warmed the rocks and cooled the ice, generally brightened it and increased contrast through lowering darks/raising lights (not using the contrast slider at all), all done in ACR. I could even see a square crop of just the top, accentuating those beautiful lines of the ice.

Hi Massimo,

I find the curves of the ice line to be graphic and a worthy composition.

I would seperate the tonality of the rock and ice to enhance the form.

I like the composition. Great eye to see this. @Nathan_Klein and @Bonnie_Lampley both offer a nice alternative to the processing.

@Michael_Lowe, @Bonnie_Lampley, @Nathan_Klein thank you for suggests. Really appreciated.

Hi Massimo, This is an excellent picture. It is interesting to view the variants proposed, but actually I prefer your original tones which has realism and to me the right balance and amount of contrast (I don’t think the contrast needs bumping up - it is very contrasted without putting in more. But just my view. Thanks and best wishes from UK

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