Small Stream

Another scene from a backpacking trip to Mt. Rainier last year. Does the overall “feel” of the image work for you? Any other thoughts appreciated.

FUJIFILM XF 10-24mm F4 at 10 mm (15 mm equivalent)
1/15 sec. at f/13 and ISO 160
Blend of two images for slightly sharper focus of the foreground; cropped.
I’ve done just a bit of cloning and puppet warp to cover some bright branches in the foreground and balance the lower right corner.


This is a fine image John. I like the way you have placed the stream in the composition, it really emphasizes the foreground patch of flowers before pulling your off into the distance. The colors look good, especially the lupines. I always have trouble processing the blues and purples of lupines, but these lupines look great.

i like the fade to fog and mist in the background, and I especially like how that looks in the lupines on the left side of the stream. I am a little ambivalent about the the sky, the background is not as strong as the rest of the image. My only suggestion might be to crop the sky away, and leave the foggy mountain as your background.

The fell quite works for me and I like this one. I find I like comp as posted, the sky adding to the mood nicely. Great to have a flashback to summer and the great high country lupine.

This is a fine mood, John. I am with Harley, what a great flashback to Summer and heck, makes me long for the days in the mountains now. The creek leads the viewer in and the fog adds a lot of depth. And the fog also gives that “high altitude” feel to the image. I am thinking the snow patch on the mountain in the center can be cloned out. What do you think?

Really pretty, John. Very well composed and processed. Only thought might be to lightly dodge that little cascade of white water and make it a touch brighter.

Very good composition in my opinion. I would add a point of interest in the background (like a human). Thanks for sharing.

I like this very much. It’s not a wow knock your socks off image but it’s a very solid good landscape. Another words, it has a quiet beauty about it which is worth more in my opinion.

John, a great high mountain meadow view, with an outstanding display of wildflowers. The fog adds a nice touch of mystery to the mood.

I am really enjoying the mood here, John. This has a quiet beauty and a feeling of solitude which is very appealing IMO. I also like the way you arranged all of the elements in the scene giving this a nice sense of depth. The fog is also a big plus. My only suggestion; just my personal preference; would be to clone the patches of snow on the BG mountains as they do catch my eye. Not a deal breaker as this is lovely as is.

@Ed_McGuirk, @Harley_Goldman, @Adhika_Lie, @Dave_Dillemuth, @masdamb, @Igor_Doncov, @Mark_Seaver, @Ed_Lowe Thanks for the comments.

I’ll play with your suggestions! I had not thought of cloning the background snow; that’s a good idea.