Smooth Light

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I made a recent trip to Acadia NP. Loved this boulder shoreline. Thought B/W would best show the light and textures.

Technical Details

245mm f/18 3.2sec iso 100


Hey Mario, this certainly caught my attention. I think the processing is great. Very interesting scene! My only quibble is that the subject comes in from the corner. You’ll get some debate and other opinions on this for sure but I think its usually not a great idea to have bright objects protrude from the corner directly… if you could offset it slightly down a bit on the left, that might help with this issue… it’s a minor thing though and I like the image as-is too!

Wonderful find, well presented!! The corner thing has never really bothered me, but I think there is a possibility here for a gentle burn from the top edge, also including the middle bright rock, to balance the lovely dark base. But lovely as presented!

The light is fabulous Mario. Excellent B&W conversion.

The light and rock shapes are simply fantastic, Mario. I thought this might be Acadia when I noticed the thumbnail. The B&W conversion has a nice range of tones and works well for this scene. I could see the brightest area on the large stone toned down just a touch, but that is minor. Nicely done.

Nice simple, graphic image. The B&W conversion is perfect for this image,

Thank you @Matt_Payne @Ed_Lowe @Michael_Lowe @Diane_Miller @Eva_McDermott for your comments and suggestions. I will give the bright areas a little burn and evaluate.

Oh, very nice! That light is gorgeous, especially the rim lights on all the round cobbles. The rock coming in from the corner doesn’t bother me - it feels like a waterfall flowing into the scene.

Mario I love this image too. I agree with the suggestion of lowering a bit the brightest area. I like a lot the fight of lights and shades in the whole image.

I love it as is. Taking the leading line exactly from the corner is I think the right thing to do, for it not to come exactly from the corner you would need lot’s of extra space above for it not to feel misaligned and it would distract from the structure of this image. Leave it as it is. :slight_smile:

Mario, I just saw this. It’s beautiful! The black-and-white conversion is stunning. I hope it’s going up on a wall in your home! PS What did you use to attain the glow? The Orton effect? Glamour Glow? or something else?

Just general processing suzannna

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Great eyes Mario

I love the shapes of the boulders there and when the light hits it right, its magical and you have captured this exceedingly well.
To me that is what sings the most - hence I agree with others - toning down the brighter flow. I would even consider a few more of those boulders below!

YES !!! The tone and composition is so cool.!!!

Brilliant. The composition is so interesting and well balanced, and the light is very evocative. Well done.