Snowberry Clearwing Caterpillar


Found this caterpillar this morning on our coral honeysuckle plant.

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Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon 7D2, Sigma 150 f2.8 macro, 1.4x TC, 430 EX II speedlite
ISO 400, f32, 1/250s, hand held

Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites)

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I took this image when the sun was coming in as a sidelight. No flash.
ISO 400, f13, 1/200s, hand held

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Really nice find and capture, Allen. For some reason I can’t bring up the larger version, but just looking at the smaller, they both look good. I especially like the second one. The side light really is a nice bonus. in my opinion.

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Thanks Shirley, I loaded the first photo twice. I don’t know why it won’t enlarge.

I’m pulling up other enlargements very slowly – maybe like the server is having a holiday. We do work it hard here…

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Allen, I opened your comments in email, and I had a large version there to view. Very nice, as I originally thought. Wonderful details in him in both images.

@Shirley_Freeman , @Diane_Miller
I reloaded the first image and now it will enlarge. Still having trouble with second image.

I’ll try again below:

Both are working, now, Allen. Not sure what causes it. Both are very nice images.

I love the composition of the first photo, Allen - it looks stylish with the square crop. We get a similar hawk-moth on honeysuckle in Korea, Hemaris affinis.

Allen, the shape and the glow of the cat. are excellent, with the second post being a fine action shot.