Snowy Day & repost


Repost based on some input by everyone…

Our one snowfall for the year! I was so excited that we finally got snow 2 weeks ago! I did a few ICM shots with the trees.

Specific Feedback Requested

Do you like black and white or color better? Anything else

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400, ISO 100, f/6.3, 1/6, 195mm (started at 300mm and twisted lens in) converted to black and white.


I really like the diagonal lines here, where the movement mimics and emphasizes the natural flow of the limbs. The color works for me to add another element of artistry to an artistic image – well done!.

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Vanessa, this is an extremely well done ICM, and I think @Diane_Miller hit the nail on the head, your ICM movement mimics the natural flow of the tree limbs. It helps to keep the subject somewhat recognizable, while still yielding a pleasing abstract look.

I think both versions work, but my personal preference is the B&W, i think it handles the contrast slightly better than the color version. I think the B&W is very good as presented, but I would suggest two tweaks. The whites in the image look somewhat gray, I think you could increase the exposure slightly to make them more white, and B&W should easily be able to handle the increased contrast. I also find my eye gets drawn to the snowy bough at the bottom center, I would burn that down to make it darker than the snow in the rest of the image. Minor nit’s, but I think it would make a good image even stronger.

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I really like the B/W Vanessa, same reason as Ed. Nice ICM.

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Hi @Ed_McGuirk! Thanks for stopping by and your feedback. I kind of was wondering about that one bright part myself. And also thought the whole image could use to be a bit brighter. Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I’ll have to go back in and adjust some things. Thanks!

ICM is hard to do - technically and aesthetically - well done! I wonder if it will help using that eye dropper to set the whites and blacks ?

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This is very nice.
Love the mood you got here.
I sure love the color version better.

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I don’t know what the eye dropper is @Karl_Zuzarte . I suspect it might be a tool in LR or PS? I only have LR for iPad and haven’t seen that feature… thanks for your comments and feedback! Really appreciate it!

Thanks @joaoquintela for your comments, I’m glad you like it!

Thanks @Mario_Cornacchione for your comments and stopping by. I really appreciate the compliment and feedback!

Thank you so much @Diane_Miller , I’m glad you like it! I really love doing ICM technique. And am trying to get better!

I bumped up highlights, contrast, brightness, to make it more white like the snow is and I got rid of the brighter branch at the bottom… @Ed_McGuirk @Karl_Zuzarte