Soggy Woods

In many ways this is a heartbreaking image for me because it represents what Florida USED to be. Central Florida used to be predominantly covered in terrain similar to this, but because of over-development and other poor decisions, terrain such as this is becoming harder and harder to find. I shot this on a typical central Florida summer afternoon - hot, near 100% humidity, off and on rain, and filled with hungry mosquitoes or, in other words, just the way Florida is supposed to be. It was an afternoon filled with wonderful bird sightings, wild pigs roaming around us, and more than a few gators enjoying the rain. Image was taken at Circle Bar B Ranch near Lakeland, FL.

Nikon D810, Tamron 24-70 VR @ 24 mm
1/30 @ f/8, ISO 320

Image is posted 2000 pixels wide @ 72 ppi. Any and all thoughts, comments, suggestions, opinions welcomed.

I gotta admit the new NPN displays images superbly. The large version is a wonder to behold. Wonderful composition. This is how I imagined the South to look like. The colors are restrained by todays standards but I like them that way. Some of the palmetto leaves look a bit scraggly but other than that I can’t find a thing to complain about.


Bill, this looks like a wild area where there would be tons of wildlife if you slowed down (or sat down) and looked. The moss covered tree towards the left makes a good focal point.

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Bill, I absolutely love this one. First, this comp is downright fantastic. What a great find, and eye. Next I really appreciate the diffused lighting here and your decision to not pump up the greens. The subtle over color here is so the right choice. Im pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to see this scene presented the way you have. Good stuff.

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Bill, This is wonderful. You did a great job with this composition and the image has a great look and feel. Can’t come up with any nits from what I’m seeing here. Beautiful work!

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This is fantastic! You have managed to pull off a very strong composition in what has got to be considered just pure chaos. The main tree with the branches covered in vines, moss etc., anchor the scene beautifully, which then allows the eye to explore the rest of the scene.

Processing and color look spot on - and you kept it real and natural

Well done - sorry, no nits or suggestions!


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Bill, you have come up a good composition out of these chaotic conditions. I like the sense of depth you achieved by giving us a view into the forest. The moss here is great, and I think your processing of the greens and yellows here has produced very natural looking colors.

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The composition is wonderfully balanced Bill. So sad areas like this are disappearing.

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You capture the feeling of this place very well. Two things that caught my attention in this image. One is the palms in the foreground make a frame for the image and the trees from front to back in the center lead my eye into the image. Nice image.

Lots to like here, Bill. I can only imagine how many skeeters and chiggers you had to deal with. This is how the region should look, and too bad about so much development.