Some of this Year's Favorite Images

There is quite a variety here and all of them are very nice, Fritz! My personal favorite is “Into the Mist”. I just love the atmosphere and mood of that scene. It’s especially nice when viewed large as it has much more presence (as if you were there) and the Heron pops right out and becomes a very important part of the mood. I really love that image! Great job on all of them though! :clap:

That opening image is a stand out for me, Fritz. Very productive year for sure. Glad you were able to get to some bucket list locations and also to some old favorites too. You have a very nice variety of images and your rediscovery of close up images paid dividends for you. Thanks for sharing these. I hope 2023 is equally fruitful for you. Happy New Year.

Thank you, Gary. That is one of my personal favorites, as the moment I took the image happened by sheer luck; a magical moment indeed! Glad you see all of that in the image.

Thank you so much, David. The opening image is by far my favorite B+W for the year, and indeed one of my top favorites. Glad you enjoyed it, and the others as well. Happy New Year!

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