Some of this Year's Favorite Images

This year I celebrated a milestone birthday by finally traveling to some destinations I have long been wanting to experience (Faroe Islands, Caddo Lake, Paria Canyon UT/AZ), and returning to a couple of old favorites (Iceland, Death Valley, Grand Canyon river rafting). It has been a productive year to say the least, with many, many more photos to go through.
This year, I also rediscovered my love for closeup photography, flowers in particular, as well as my passion for black and white images.
The images I have included were not necessarily selected on technical merit, but rather the memories and emotions they evoke in me.
I hope you enjoy at least a couple of them.
Happy Holidays!

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback welcome.

Technical Details

Since I included 10 images, please let me know if there is an image in particular you would like details on.


Fabulous collection, Fritz. Sounds like you have had an amazing travel year.

Thank you so much, Linda. Glad you like the images; means a lot. Yes, it has been a busy year. Actually happy to be home for a while so I can work on images :slight_smile:

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WOW, Fritz. What a wonderful birthday gift to give yourself. These are all stunning images. My fantasy is to visit Caddo Lake and kayak it. Hoping someday. I have viewed these photos many times trying to pick out a favorite. It was hard and I couldn’t limit it to just one. I think for the moment my favorites are the first Caddo Lake image. The contrast with the fog is incredible and then to catch a Heron sitting on a stump. The second one that really pops out at me is the last photo taken in Death Valley. The four different sand layers with different colors, different patterns in the sand and beautiful contrast is insane. Your technical merit is outstanding. I would love to see your photos that you think have technical merit :wink:. Whew, can you tell how much I love these photos :smile:. You must have so many wonderful memories from this adventure. Thank you for sharing some of them. I would love to see more when you get them processed.

Your love of the relationship between light and form (among other things) stands out for me here. My favorite is the first image, and I wonder how you managed to deal with the whites. The treatment of clouds and buildings is really striking to me in the contrast of the two “whites”. A marvelous set of shots all round.

Wow, Fritz! These are all amazing images. I just love the variety of photography that you have mastered. Even though I’m not normally drawn to an image with a human element in it, I really love your first one. I think it’s just that the black and white or at least the way you captured it and whatever you did in post is so arresting. And maybe too I like how the houses are engulfed by the beautiful clouds and mountains. Where was that in your travels? Sounds like so much fun, thanks for sharing!

Fritz, this is an excellent collection of photos. The subtle colors and shapes in so many of them truly stand out.

A fantastic collection of images, Fritz. I really like how you have captured/utilized the light in your images. My favorite image is #1, or maybe #3. A hard choice.

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What a productive year of photography! Wonderful collection.

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Wow Fritz, what wonderful ‘gifts’ you received for a birthday this year!! I know it meant hard work and patience and the blessing of weather and light to make these beautiful images. Nature gifted you some wondrous moments! LOVE the opening black and white image, also
the Page area and Death Valley dunes; also the aerial abstract—heck they are all terrific! Birthday for 2023 will be challenge to top these. :grinning:

A great collection to remember the year by. The opening image, of the houses and cloud, is particularly amazing. Thank you!

It was a fantastic year, no doubt about it. Do make sure to put Caddo Lake on your list of places to visit, and not just to photograph. It is truly other-worldly. The first CL image with the blue heron might just end up being my favorite image from that trip, (still have a LOT of images from that trip to even look at), and one of this year’s faves. The timing could not have been any better. Death Valley… my favorite place to experience, and photograph. Words would not be adequate, so I’ll let the photos do the talking. So glad you like the images; there are many more (embarrassed to say how many) still to work on from this year alone.
Really like your photos as well, Donna. Looking forward to seeing many more!

Thank you John. I was quite happy how that image worked out in BW.

I am still pinching myself for all the places I was so very fortunate to experience and photograph this year, including rediscovering my own back yard. So glad you enjoyed the images, Brenda :slight_smile:

Thank you, Anna :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, Ola. The two images you like were a lot of fun to create, and conditions were absolutely perfect to help make them possible. Actually, was quite lucky with light for most of my outings this year. Or perhaps I am more open to trying different light conditions…

Thank you, Mark. that means a lot. I was very fortunate to have so many good opportunities in different locations this year.

LOL, Vanessa. I tend to stay away from human elements as well, but the light on this building caught my eye. After moving around quite a bit, this composition emerged, with the clouds giving the image the final touch.
There was not much post processing; most time was spent making sure the whites of the building and the clouds were balanced, yet allowed both of them to shine in their own way.
This was taken in Lugarvatn, Iceland, were I was lucky to spend the whole month of September at an artist in residence program.

Thank you kindly, Mike! It is the light that brings out the shape, texture and forms, and I was lucky how perfect the lighting was for this image. Most of the processing time was spent making sure that the whites of both the building and the clouds let both those elements be the focus of the image, but still keep enough separation between the two. Very glad you like the image.


Wow! That sounds awesome!

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