Sonoma Coast Surf #4

Another from a really good day. I’ll be traveling for most of the week so will give you a break on the breakers.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Canon 7D2, 100-400 II at 220. 1/1600, f/8, ISO 400. Only very slight tonal tweaks in LR and a little softening of some areas in PS. Denoise, but it wouldn’t show at this size. Cropped to about 40% of the full frame.


This is awesome, Diane! I love the slight greens and yellows in the foam, where the wave is peaking. The blue is so beautiful too. And the seagull just tops it off. This really looks like a painting! Great work!


Maybe you could let some of us pick thru your deleted pile? Maybe we’ll find more gems that you’ve tossed away since it seems you’re picking out all the gems!

This is just fantastic. The wave alone… the colors (as Vanessa mentions), the wave motion, spray and just the details alone are enough… But really? You captured the shorebird in flight coming right at you??? This little moment in time really elevates this to another level. It’s almost something that is easily missed upon a quick reaction… but the second I caught glimpse of the bird, well, I was even much more impressed!

And it doesn’t even matter… but I don’t think it’s a gull and my limited avian experience can only guess a Tern… but again the species doesn’t matter.

Outstanding image Diane!



I really love this image…love the colors, and you nailed the shutter speed. I tried my hand at wave photography early this year and was quite humbled. I would love to hear your technique.

Diane, your series has been awesome, but this one is truly over the top. Wouldn’t change a thing!

Diane, What a shot! So much to see here. The colours and the details in the waves, and then the bird to top it off. I love it.

Thanks everyone, and thanks to @David_Bostock and @Lon_Overacker for the EP!!

@pat2, there’s not much of a secret except to find a safe but low vantage point, great breakers, some churned up sand and foam for interest, and slightly soft light. A stiff offshore breeze will help with roostertails. I like the way a decently long lens lets me isolate the interesting areas and handholding or, better, a gimbal head, helps follow the action. Burst mode, of course, and plan to delete lot. But honestly, of dozens of trips to shoot waves, this was the best day by far.

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Very powerful image Diane!