Southern Alps, New Zealand

I had to crop the image to improve composition. Lovely hike. Any feedback is welcome. 1/000 sec f/5 18mm ISO 100

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Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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I like the overall composition. Might be better suited for a B&W processing. I would try to clone out those dark areas in the sky above the mountains.

Hi Michael, Thanks for the feedback, B&W processing had not occurred to me and is one I will certainly pursue :slight_smile: Again thanks

Hi Robert,

This is a great scene from NZ. Compositionally I think a little bit of extra room above the mountain peak would work well. It looks to me as though there is a lot of clarity contrast which gives the image a bit of a HDR look.

It looks like there is a dust spot in the blue sky which I would clone out and it looks like there is some processing artifacts in the blue sky right near the tallest part of the peak.

This is a very nice grand landscape of an obviously beautiful place. I think better light conditions could help here. The blue of the sky looks a bit oversaturated when compared with all else,

Robert/Larry you were fortunate to be at such a location and we are fortunate to be taken there with this scenic image. The composition is quite pleasant.
Some aspects of this could be worked with a bit, as I see it.
– The sky has some burn brush marks above the mountains. Looks like you tried to burn some blown out snow whites and induced some collateral damage. Depending on your processing software, there are some techniques to avoid that. What do you use?
– For me, I don’t need all of the stony foreground, and would crop about half of it out.
– The stony foreground and right side seem to have excessive contrast or sharpening, giving a brash feel. Maybe that is something you wish to convey, I realize.

A big thanks to all of you for your positive and constructive comments. They have been helpful to me.