Southwest Glow

I took this photo in November of last year and up until then, I never really photographed this type of subject before. That being said, on my road trip through Utah, I really immersed myself in some of these scenes and came away with some photos that I’m finally getting around to editing, this shot being one of them.

I’m very curious to hear how you guys feel with this shot. Does the composition work? I’m also really interested to hear if the post processing works? I can’t really tell if I’ve over done it or not? I feel like I really wanted to show the glow of the subject and how it appeared to me that day. Cheers all!

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This turned out well, I like it. The processing looks good, bold but not over the top at all. I would prefer the inclusion of the top of the tree and a bit more room, but only you know what was lurking up there. All in all, quite nice.

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Those are some gorgeous colors. I really like the contrast between the warm colors of the leaves and then the cooler shades. I also like your choice of going vertical here. Processing wise, my only comment is that the blue has shifted towards purple and I think I would like it more if it is more towards blue. But that’s a matter of preference. I think you have achieved that glow of the subject. But I can’t help but wish for a little more separation with the background leaves.

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@Harley_Goldman It is bold for sure, that is what I was most worried about but I feel like I’ve gotten it to a sweet spot? Unfortunately there wasn’t much more room at the top outside of the frame, so I had to make some sacrifices. Thanks for your insight!

@Adhika_Lie Now that you mention the blue shifting towards purple, that is all I can see now! I’m going to have a play with it once I get home and see if I can pull it back a bit. I’ll try to create some depth from the subject and background by dodging the background. Thanks for your input!

Martin, I would try reducing contrast on the BG while darkening it, too.


Beautiful autumn colors. The back lighting is especially nice, including the way the tall grasses/plants at the bottom are lit up as well.

The “purple” in the trunk area I think is easily addressed simply by reducing blue sat and even a bit of magenta reduction. Neutralizes those colors nicely.

The only suggestion might be to even raise the luminosity a bit. The light is beautiful, but yet seems like it could be a tad brighter.

As far as the top of the tree goes, I’m good with this as presented. As an alternate though, since the top is already clipped is to take a crop further, more intentionally, which helps bring a bit more inclusion of the lit up grasses at the bottom (which also benefit from a slight brightening.)

All minor tweaks as this is an excellent autumn image.


I’ve finally had time to apply the changes discussed in this thread.

@Lon_Overacker You were right about the purple in the trunk being an easy fix! I reduced the blue saturation and magenta just a touch.

@Adhika_Lie I darkened and reduced contrast in the surrounding background of my subject to try to separate the two a bit.

Thank you guys, really appreciate the help and insight.