Sparks Lake Pano

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Still experimenting with panos. This is a shot taken at Sparks Lake in central Oregon. That’s the South Sister and Broken Top mountains in the BG. This is a 9-shot pano.

Specific Feedback

I like the comp on this image, but a bit concerned it may be a bit too dark. Also, maybe a bit of oversat of the greenery.

Appreciate all comments!

Technical Details

Nikon Z7ii
ISO 125

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Very nice Scott. I don’t think its too dark and I love the reflections and the vista generally.

Hard to tell due to the small uploaded file size but it looks like you’ve got some halo on the mountains from sharpening? Maybe some CPL shadow in the LHS sky too.

I don’t think the foreground or LHS tree add to the image so maybe a tighter crop.

All of that sounds negative. That’s a lovely shot.

Thanks Mark! Yes, this is a low-res image, hence the halo. I am playing with cropping out the tree on the left, but when I crop off the bottom, it takes away the foreground interest and makes for a less appealing photo IMHO.

Thanks again for the feedback, most appreciated!

Scott, this does seem dark to me. I do like the scene and how you lead into it with the bit of water along the bottom. To me, the most noticeable part is the dramatic change in color and luminosity across the sky. That looks like you used a polarizer with its effect changing as you change your angle to the sun. You can reduce that some (but not completly) by adjusting the blue saturation and brightness. In general, it’s not a good idea to use a polarizer when shooting a pano unless the sun is directly overhead. Then the angle between the lens and the sun is nearly 90 degrees all around the horizon and you don’t get the dramatic changes in color and brightness in the sky.

Great scene and lovely pano.
From here, seems dark so there is a loss of detail in several areas.
A touch of highlight/shadow control in PS would do the trick.
Nice work!

Mark - you are correct I did have a polarizer on there. Am new to Panos so I have learned something with this shot. I will experiment with your ideas.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks Sandy, I suspected it was a bit dark. Nice to hear from another set of eyes. I am reworking parts of this shot and will repost.

Many thanks!

Thanks all for the valuable feedback. Here is a version that was cropped, sky darkened, and foreground lightened. I am still learning panos and really appreciated your comments!