Splashing in Big Creek

For these two looks at water splashing over the rocks of Big Creek (Paradise Valley, MT), I wanted to get low trying to let the splashes of the small single drops show up against the background of moving water and colored rocks. Both of these were taken with my tripod legs closed, but not spread, so the camera was about 2 feet off the ground. I didn’t try any with the legs extended, so I don’t know for sure what effect camera position has on seeing the individual droplets flying and flashing in the sun. These are two shots without moving the camera, showing how differently the water moves moment to moment and the effects of different shutter speeds on the length of the flying drop trails.

5D3, 24-105 F4 IS II @ 105 mm, 1/8 s & 1/13 s, f/16, iso 200, tripod and polarizer

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Excellent water texture, color , and light. I think I prefer the second image due to differences in the moving water texture. I find the contrast between the “rooster tail” and the smoother flow to be quite pleasing.

Think I will also give a vote to the second , Mark, where the water is more compact and seems to me to make for a stronger composition. I like the painterly feel to both.

A couple of really cool flowing water abstracts, Mark. My personal preference is for the first as it seems to have more energy.

Nice close-ups, Mark! I like the sharper detail in the turbulent water on the first one and the tiny little fireworks like droplet traces on the second one.

I like the first shot better, Mark. Don’t know exactly why. I think it’s the flow of the water adds to the comp.