Splashing and Crashing

There may be too much darkness in this for it to truly qualify as high key. I’ll let you folks decide. This is a tight look at the water motion in Great Falls on the Potomac, with a touch of rainbow in the spray. The step of water coming in from the right is about 3 feet high. (5D3, 100-400 @ 255, 1/13 s, f/14, iso 100, tripod, cable release and 4 stop ND filter)

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WOW, Mark. This is crazy good. Even without the rainbow, the texture of that water especially the downsloping line towards the LR corner is super good and it is decorated with that splash at the bottom about 1/3 of the way from the right. The splash on the upper part provides a great visual balance to the whole image. And of course there is that rainbow as a cherry on top. Amazing.

Great balance with the 3 separate points of splashes (upper right, lower right, and mid-left) with the rainbow going through the mid-left splash zone. Lots of tension in this image. The right side where the dark section is pulls the eye so my only recommendation would be to selectively lighten up the dark tones so it’s not so incongruent with the rest of the scene. Pretty cool shot!

I am really liking this one, Mark. A very dynamic and abstract scene, with a great painterly look. I would agree with @David_Haynes about the dark area as an eye magnet, but not a huge deal. Really nice one.

Very dynamic image, Mark - I would say more than a touch Turneresque in its grappling in a fairly abstract way with the forces of nature. Maybe, yes, if that dark patch were a bit lighter but love this as is.

Lovely image Mark. I especially commend you for a perfect shutter speed: just the right amount of detail and blur.

As a former whitewater guide and former resident of the Wash DC burbs, I find this image most exciting! Amazing abstract colors, textures. Very dynamic!

Definitely splashing and crashing - so energetic. The colors are subtle, but effective. :+1:

I don’t know about high key, Mark, but it’s a beautiful white water abstract. I really like the flows through the image and the interruptions of the flow for a splash. My one tiny nit is the two very small whit patches toward the left side and about 1/3 of the way up. For some reason they interrupt the flow in a negative way for me.