One of those old images whose processing makes me cringe a bit, but this is still one of my favorite river photos! It’s from the north woods of Wisconsin. This is a 1/4 second exposure.

Brent, this is a wonderful take on this powerful water flow. Your comment on a bit of a “cringe” on some processing items I would say are not obvious ones for me. For me the POV on the cascade split is what the image is all about. I like it as is…:sunglasses:

Brent, I agree with Paul, this is a great POV. The golden browns in the foreground water speak of high water and have a fine presence. The river keeps things interesting as it leads back to that touch of sun on the far trees.

I really like the point of view here Brent. Excellent shutter speed. Of always liked this type of image. Although I wasn’t there, it seems like the orange highlights are a little oversaturated. A fine image that presents a good look at Midwestern water.

@Paul_Breitkreuz @Mark_Seaver @David_Schoen thanks all! Glad you like the image. I’ve always intended to go back and see what it’s like now but haven’t had a chance. It’s a neat point of view like you all mentioned, and it’s pretty safe despite what it might look like.