Spring Fiddleheads

Description: In the spring, there is a short window to find fiddlehead ferns in my area. The fronds unfold in a spiral. Each is unique and they intertwine and interact. These two formed a heart shape from a certain angle.

Specific Feedback Requested:

I tried to isolate the heart shape as much as possible both with depth of field and in post-processing without going overboard with photo editing. Are the background ferns distracting?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites)
Not a composite
Sony A7R3, 433mm, 1/500 @f/8.0, ISO 640. My shutter speed had to be quicker than usual because of heavy wind.

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Wonderful!! The heart shape stands out well without being too artificially obvious. The BG works well for me, and the detail is great! Fiddleheads are so cool!

I love the translucent leaves and the BG gradient.

Really beautiful. I love the details - fuzziness! Looks to be a really simple fern - pinnate which is one leaf coming directly from the main stem. Maybe Christmas fern or Rock Cap or similar. There are some very hot areas here that could be tamed possibly with a linear profile, but the far background makes up for that a bit by isolating these so nicely. The frond behind is a bit of a pain and I’d have tried to hold it out of the way if possible, but maybe it wasn’t. Sometimes we need four arms! Really super.

So graceful, and I love the heart shape of the fronds. Nice depth of field with the front frond being so crisp and clear. The dark frond in the LR corner seems to draw too much attention to my eye, though.

This is a pretty cool shot of a Fiddle Fern, Jennifer! The combined shape is really nice and the details on the front coil are excellent. I like how you framed it also.