Spring thaw

While most of the country is probably ready for a truly spring image, I went to the Sierra mountains this week where winter is just hanging on. The lake thaw is about a month behind average on Carson Pass. I was lucky to be there just after a thunderstorm near sunset, and mist developed along the lake. I was so excited by the conditions that I failed to get my tripod but just couldn’t stop shooting. I tried to process it along the lines of Alistair Benn’s helpful short video that encourages processing by feeling. I also like the tree on the right which has been so weathered that nearly all the branches on one side have been stripped by wind and snow. I would appreciate any and all feedback.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques: ISO1000 (HH), f/16, 78mm, 1/50

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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This is fabulous Kathy! Those two weathered and hearty trees stand up perfectly against the foggy mist rising off the lake (Caples? Silver…) The bit of color over the mountain adds a lot too.

Makes me want to get in to the mountains soon!


Beautiful scene, Kathy, with sweet lighting. I can take a winter scene in the comforts of my home, especially when it is this pretty!

Kathy, I love the stormy atmosphere you got with this. Those two trees in semi-silhouette work really well with that atmosphere, and the bent, weathered tree has lots of character. I think you could also try a couple of different crop options from the top, but only enough to showcase that nice warmth just above the ridge. To me that warmth is a terrific component to the stormy mood. 1/50 shutter speed? Wow!

I’m confused about the non critique rule in this gallery. You have critiqued. I can’t imagine words that would not be somewhat of a critique or that could not be inferred as one.
How does one participate with the rule?

If you haven’t done so you may want to read this thread.


I think I encouraged this confusion by accidentally posting my image in the non-critique gallery but then asking for any feedback. Once I realized that I had posted it in the wrong gallery I didn’t know how to switch it so decided to just leave it. Sorry everyone! Perhaps maybe someone could tell me how to switch to another gallery, or does one have to cancel and start all over?

No worries Kathy! I’ve gone ahead and moved this to the Landscape Critique gallery.

Kathy - This is such a wonderful image. Love the position of the trees and touch of color in the sky.