Standing out (from the crowds)

Red-breasted Geese breed in northern Siberia and winter around the Black Sea, mainly in Rumania and Bulgaria. Some, however, take the wrong exit during their migration. Last week we spent on one of the Dutch islands, and - among thousand of Black-bellied Brants and Barnacle Geese - I found one of those vagrants. Remarkably how, from a distance, they blend in. At closer range of course they stand out extremely well. It took me several visits before I got what I wanted: all surrounding geese feeding and Mr Red standing right-up :wink:
Thanks for any comments !

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D500 with 500mm f4 | 1/1000s | f4 | ISO720 | overexposed 1/3EV | handheld while lying on the road

This is a very cool image, Hans. I love how it stands out in the crowd and you did a great job of getting just the subject in focus which helped a lot with the composition.

A standout shot in every way. I think it knew it was being photographed so just stretched that neck a bit more. It’s great you caught it with all the drab geese around it and with a matching grey bg. You could sell this one to an ad agency, Hans, though I’m sure you wouldn’t want to. Love it.

A very effective image with superb color and of course, depth of field. Wonderful composition! For some reason, I never find myself in situations as well as you do. Yes I know that you go looking for them. Despite that, you have taught me quite a bit.

Wonderful and good for you Hans to get the shot that you wanted. A very exotic looking goose. Everything works so well in this image. Low angle. Other geese slightly oof with heads down Nice upright bright and colorful subject goose sharply in focus. And a nice fluffy bg. Amazing that you went to that island and then found this. I think you have to be good to be lucky.

Hi Hans, a unique concept very well executed. Love the upright pose of the subject which stands out so well from the supporting cast. The foreground and background work nicely to frame the image. Well done.