Still water

On an early morning cycling-tour, I came across this spot that intrigued me by its light and color.

What technical feedback would you like if any?All feedback is welcome as always

What artistic feedback would you like if any?All feedback is welcome as always

Pertinent technical details or techniques: nikon D850, F9, Iso 100, 24-70 lens at 52mm.

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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This is a great arrangement of trees you’ve found, I like the texture of the crossing branches on ground mixed with the three main trees. The only nit I have is the top center seems a little bright and I find my eye going straight to that spot. I might just take down the highlights in that area slightly.


Just love the back lighting of the leaves and the sense of glow they are providing.

Tough call, but I’m a bit unsure of the very dark trunks - and then relative to the lightness of the fallen trunks at the bottom. There seems to be a disconnect there, IMHO.

This would be a scene where I would be all over getting close and personal with some of the leaves and branches - but it looks like the water in the background has quite a bit of stuff floating and the water probably not moving much.

Looks like great potential at this location. This one’s just not coming together as cleanly as most of your images do. Still, I must say you handled the backlit greens quite nicely.


@Lon_Overacker. Thank you again,Lon. I did sent in this image to find comments like yours. Because I was not very sure about it. So, every comment helps !
In the raw image I see the same difference in light and dark of the trunks. The reason is that the trunks on the bottom have lost there bark.


@David_Nilsen. Thank you, David for your nice comment. I saw some great work on your website, beautiful !