Stone beach

Josefinelust, close to the famous Kullens lighthouse in the southern part of Sweden, has a very nice stone beach. In January, the sunset does not reach the sky outside the beach and since no dramatic sky I focused on small scenes keeping the sky out of the frame.

I found these bare stones, that I found interesting.

Specific Feedback Requested

I just started to try to render images in B&W, and thought this was a good candidate. Any comments are of course appreciated, but I especially would like to get input on how to improve the B&W rendering. Thanks!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

This looks excellent to me, Ola. While I rarely do black and white, the tonality looks very good and I love the slow shutter speed effect and the presence of the slightly brighter area in the upper right that draws the eye through the image.

Ola, this is a fine look at these stones. I also like how you’ve rendered the water as misty with your slow shutter speed. Your b&w conversion look good. I’ve been on stone beaches like this and thoroughly enjoyed hearing the stones rattle against each other as the waves roll them back an forth. Does that happen here? A trick that a friend told me about in b&w conversions is to reduce the blue channel (raise the color temp) before you do the conversion. The blue channel tends to get noisy first when you darken the blues in a conversion.

Pleasing composition with very effective misty water.

@Dennis_Plank, @David_Schoen and @Mark_Seaver thanks for your kind comments. Mark, no noice when I visited !Thanks for the post-processing suggestion, my present procedure have to be changed.