Stopped Action Image Critique


Description: Image taken from our backyard garden, using a Canon R, with Tamron 100-400 mm zoom

Specific Feedback Requested:any comments or feedback on image quality and composition,

Pertinent technical details or techniques: ISO 1250, f 6.3, 1/500 sec


Nice stopped action. The bird’s head is nicely in focus and the background is nicely blurred. I’m not the most experienced editor, but I think that I would suggest cropping the stem and bud off on the left side. Also, the bird seems to blend into the background some. I suppose there’s something to be done to help the bird stand out more, but I don’t have any idea. Very summery feeling photo.

Thank you for the comments and advice, I did darken the background (by adjusting the shadows) and lightening the bird with dodging and the crop – I really like the result, thanks again.

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The cropped version has a stronger comp than the original. You can reduce the saturatiuon of the yellow flowers as the color may actually be oversaturated…Jim

Thank you for the comments and advice - I reduced the saturation 10% and it makes a big difference. thanks again.

Ian, capturing hummingbirds is a tricky endeavor. I really like your composition with the bright Lantana flowers. The two buds on either side of the photo do not bother me at all. They are small and dark. Instead of cropping the image, if you really want to get rid of the two buds, I would suggest cloning them out. Truthfully, for my eyes, they are just fine as they are. The one suggestion I would make to help improve this image is to make the hummingbird more prominent. Right now, the Lantanas are stealing the shot and dominating the composition. With the nice background you have, it is probably easy to apply a mask on the hummingbird and open up the shadows a little more to bring in more light on the bird. By the same token, I would also tone down the luminance in the flowers.

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