Storm over the Tetons

A violent storm rages over the distant mountain range. The view was from the Jackson Lake Lodge during mid day.

Specific Feedback Requested

any and all comments are appreciated

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


A wonderful image and a great BW conversion. Nitpicking: the treetops (of the trees at the near shore) just touch the shoreline at the opposite side. With a slightly higher viewpoint they could have been separated from the shoreline. But that viewpoint wasn’t available, probably.
Forget about that comment, great image.

The image is a wonderful reminder of why I love life! Magnificent.

This is an excellent storm view, James, with a great set of clouds and the large amount of rain falling.

Impressive clouds and storm. Well composed. I like the BW treatment.

Wow, great capture and processing. This shot stopped me in my tracks. DRAMA! no critiques I can make technically. Well done. Might be interesting to do a little burning and perhaps bring a smidge more drama in the rain/clouds, but that’s something that’s personal preference. Well seen and shot.

First, let me say thanks to all of the viewers for their comments and suggestions for improving the post processing. I often debate how far to push the processing beyond the captured image and as a result will stimulate the viewers personal taste. Thanks again!!

It can be a dilemma! I first try to keep myself happy. Next, I recognize I may have unwarranted attachments to an image or blind spots or person technological limits, and so I’ve learned the value of sharing images and asking for specific critiques. Then comes the hard part, at least for me, do I listen to the critiques or get defensive!! It seems like listening to them, trying what has been suggested and then viewing the images side by side and, again, asking “which do I like?” gets me to a better final image. Anyway, I love this one just the way it is and look forward to seeing any tweeks our comments might prompt you to try.