A stormy afternoon in GNP (with Repost)



This was shot on a really windy and stormy afternoon in Glacier National Park. We were driving towards the mountains from the east when we came upon this scene that I just had to stop and photograph.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Wow, Tom. Talk about drama. Well done.

I love the layers and the build up to the storm above. the movement from the peaceful green to the darker green all the way up to the menacing storm. Very powerful.

What a terrific entry for this week’s challenge! I love the drama, the colors and the composition.

Excellent mood here. Well composed. Perhaps a tad less saturation…

Wow, definitely a “STOP THE CAR!” moment. The color of the water is interesting, especially contrasted with the cool tones of the mountain. I’m in some agreement with David S. that the saturation could be reduced a bit, especially the blue around the mountain.

Tom, this is quite a storm shot, with great light and very turbulent atmosphere. I’m also taken by the water with it’s color shift from yellow to green.

@David_Bostock , @tamar-aharony , @Carol_Nichols , @David_Schoen , @Bonnie_Lampley , @Mark_Seaver - thank you all for taking the time to comment; I appreciate it!

After looking at the image a bit more I agree with you guys about the saturation so I re-edited the file and toned the the blues. It really help to have someone else have a look as an image so thank you again.

Wow that mountain is imposing. Great composition! I agree with the slight tuning down of saturation. Good job. (I noticed that the repost is quite soft compared to the previous edit. You might possibly have left a layer’s visibility turned off?)