Strange Bedfellows

Sony A77II
Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 400, 1/20 @ f22
Spotted this juxtaposition of our Hawaiian Punch hibiscus and a clematis and thought the color palette and contrast was especially pleasing. I also played around with some sandstone texture and brush strokes. Comments on both versions welcome. >=))>

And the artistic rendering


Bill, they are strange bedfellows, but I like this image. Very well composed, and nice details. I think I like the original better that the brush strokes. Just a personal preference, both are good. You certainly do have some beautiful flowers.

Bill, this is a really good presentation. I too, like the first but the difference seem subtle to my eyes.

Love the colors Bill. Also how there is just a hint of very light purple/pinkish color in the center of the hibiscus, helps the flow of color, at least for me. I also tend to prefer the first image, but like Shirley said; it is truly a personal preference. Nicely seen and executed.

Stunning image Bill. (Great title too!) Like others, I prefer the first one, though I can see how an image like this would look very interesting with a variety of treatments.
To follow what Linda mentioned, I also like that there’s a hint of yellow at the center of the hibiscus, matching the center of the other flower.
Nicely done.

This is certainly eye catching. What a combination! Well done to you and to your gardener! :grinning:

WOW! This is stunning, with the leaves filling in the spaces beautifully. The two areas of yellow on a diagonal add an energy, and, as Linda mentioned, the hint of blue on the Hibiscus echoing the Clematis is such a nice grace note! And the red-orange is handled so well! For my taste, this doesn’t profit from a texture filter – it’s too delicious au natural.

Bill, Very interesting juxtaposition done extremely well. I wouldn’t have known how to frame these in the first place. Very cleverly composed. Colors handled very well. I like the first one too.

Bill, definitely a juxtaposition of dramatic colors. They actually work well together. For me, there’s enough drama in the original that the artistic effects are a distraction. Your comp. is excellent, with the dynamic balance between the center parts of the two flowers.