Strange cloud formation

Taken from our front yard. Windy and very cloudy all day. Some rain.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
5DmkIV; 8.0; 1/2000th; 400 ISO.


That is one of the weirdest clouds ever, Jim. The portrait format suits it well, and I like the tree left there for scale. Perfect for B & W too.

Wow that’s something! Remarkable really. Never seen anything like it before. The sky itself seems artificially dark although it does show up the top part quite well. The contrast between that are and down by the tree is amazing. So threatening!

Jim, this is quite the cloud formation and definitely looking threatening. Because there’s some clear sky above, I’m going to speculate that there was a huge updraft blasting moisture from the roiled clouds below. (I would “normally” expect this to be falling rain, but I don’t think there’s enough cloud up there for the large amount of virga.) The tree top at the bottom sets the scale very well. The dark sky at the top looks like what using a red filter would give when shooting b&w film.

You have certainly come up with some weird cloud images, my friend, and this tops them all. I wish I had a thermal image of what you saw as it is similar to others I’ve looked at. Purely a guess but I wonder if it was not a downdraft of very cold air. Might be interesting to look at the local weather conditions on that day/time, maybe using weatherunderground. Regardless, yet another powerful image.