Sugar Hill Sunset

Over the years my brother and I have had to good fortune to witness several lovely sunsets from the Sugar Hill area and this particular evening ranks right up there. I have to say that I almost missed it and had to hustle back down the hill when the sweet light started to happen. I thought we might be in for a little storm as the wind really picked up and I had to use ISO 800 to stop the flower movement.

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Nikon D800, Nikon 35-70 @ 35 mm, f 16 @ 1/50 sec, ISO 800, cable release & tripod

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Ed, the golden sky adds a fine sense of warmth to this inviting scene. The Lupines leading into the distant trees sure have me wanting to walking in. The cluster of pink flowers in midst of all the dark blue/purple blooms shows good vision. You might burn-in the white flowers at the frame edge to further show off the pink blooms…very minor detail.

Oops, I posted the wrong version and did not notice until you pointed out the white lupines, Mark. Here is the correct one with them cropped off.

That incipient storm made for some really nice sky, Ed. A beautiful flower field with a wonderful background. My only nit is the tilted trees on the left, which just don’t feel right to me.

Beautiful image Ed. My only nit is that on my screen the image seems too warm and could use some cooling off.

Great shot, Ed. I love hoe the lupines snake through the image toward the opening in the trees and the BG mountain. The image is a little warm, but that’s just the way it was with the glow in the sky. I always scan the edges of my images anymore, so I think I would go a little further and clone out the remaining white lupine on the right. Beautiful shot.

Another beautiful lupine image Ed! The star of the show though is the light painting the top of the distant hill and the rain coming down over the hills. I agree with Tony that this might be just a tad on the warm side but only in the vegetation for me and by no means is it objectionable. It’s all a matter of taste.