Sun and wind

Description: When I made this photograph of plumes on grass, my intent was to show the wind but as I looked at it this week in light of “high-key,” I adjusted white/black points and wonder if it also works here.

Specific Feedback Requested: Does this image keep your interest or is it just blurry and bright? Again, I’m new with working in high-key, so your thoughts are valued.

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Sony 7000, 1/10 .f/22, ISO100, 210mm

Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites) No,a single image

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John, I like the patterns created by the blurred lighter plumes. It works for me.

I do notice several dust spots that could be cleaned up. These become more prominent with longer exposures, of course.

“Several?!?” You are being polite. I could blame it on using my small screen in bright light but still! Here it is cleaned up. Thank you. And thanks for your positive comments about the photo too.

John, you’ve got a nice feeling of clear but not drastic motion here. While it might take away the high-key aspect, I wonder how more contrast would look, especially between the white and the greys in the top half.

Thanks, Mark. I worked a bit more with it, given your comments, and think it IS improved. Maybe not a great image but one I can learn from. Thank you.

Hi John, I too like the patterns you’ve captured, seemingly radiating out from the lower right. Your reworked version is much better with the increased contrast.

Thanks Jim. Not sure it qualifies as high-key but it works. I appreciate your feedback.