Sunrise on the Coast

Hi All,

Shot this at the coast recently. As you can see, the sun hid behind the clouds as it came up, so I tried some silhouettes using the god beams.

Not much in post–sharpened the bird a hair, reduced noise on the BG, straightened the horizon line (more or less).

500mm f/4 AF-S II, handheld
ISO 1000
1/8000 (another time I should’ve been paying attn. to the settings and lowered the ISO)

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Nice silhouette and sun beams. The sun beams are what first drew me to the photo. Ideally, I’d rather have the bird a bit to the right, but then you’d have lost some of the nice rays.

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Thanks, Allen. I agree with you. I’d kill to have the bird further to the right. The other wing positions just weren’t very good.

Nicely done Lyle. A striking image with the light beams providing an intriguing backdrop. I like the composition overal with the water as a lower border and darker clouds up top. Having the bird further to the right would have been nice but this is still quite a pleasing image.

Hello, Lyle, and a very pleasing image indeed. The sun rays add quite something to the image, and the color scheme is wonderful. Yes, the bird a bit to the right would have been the hammer, but I can appreciate your choice because of the wing position. All in all a very nice image. Cheers, Hans

Good eye to have seen the shot and made the most of it. Lovely setting.