Morning Rays

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All C&C welcome

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Last Monday and Tuesday my wife and I took the two youngest grandkids with us to Cape Henlopen SP; which happens to be my favorite SP in DE. I was able to get up early both mornings before anyone else was awake to catch some nice wave action and sunrise conditions on the beach. I was not real hopeful this particular morning as it was pretty overcast and was just about to pack it in; as sunrise was already past; when a couple of crepuscular rays broke through in just the right spot.

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The rays are excellent. You timed this one just right. I like the wave action and the jetty leading my eye seaward. I would like to see just a bit more tonal separation in the clouds. I do like the softer light, so if you work the clouds, try to not lose that sense of light.

Nicely done.

I’m glad you got your butt out of bed to get this dramatic shot. I’m really liking this one. The breakwater is a nice line toward the rays breaking through the clouds. I think the ss is perfect for the wave action. I like how you captured the wave breaking at the point of the rocks and I love the rivulet of water to the left of the rocks. Well done, Ed.

Ed, I’m sure this would not have the same great effect that it does without the jetty placement and the timing of the crashing wave. Excellent all around here on this wonderful scene…:+1::sunglasses:

The rocks provide an excellent leading line right to the sun rays. I agree with @Preston_Birdwell on some tonal separation in the clouds.

I agree with this. I tried to crop some of the right and the composition falls apart. Maybe it’s the criss crossing of the surf line with the jetty line that holds this so well.

There’s a really nice atmosphere about this image.

Well done Ed. I agree with most all the comments so far, especially the positioning of the jetty of rocks.

I think the sky/clouds work well as presented, although certainly there’s plenty of room for interpretation. You might even consider cropping some of the sky - just a thought. Otherwise, no nits or other suggestions.


ps. When I’m out with family or otherwise with non-photog friends and family, the early morning is often the best (and least disruptive) time to enjoy the location while everyone else is just having their coffee and getting ready for the day. :smiley:

This is a very nice setting you captured. Would you consider a 9x16 crop to preserve the jetty and waves while reducing the sky?

Many thanks to @Preston_Birdwell, @Michael_Lowe, @Paul_Breitkreuz, @Youssef_Ismail, @Igor_Doncov, @Lon_Overacker and @Carol_Lang for taking a moment to leave a thought; always appreciated.
@Preston_Birdwell: I tried burning in a few areas to add a little more drama and separation in the clouds. hopefully that works.
@Michael_Lowe: Funny you should say that as when I got up and saw how overcast it was I momentarily thought about going back to bed.
@Lon_Overacker: Here is a crop of some sky. I think that also works. I totally agree with you on the morning thing.
@Carol_Lang: First off welcome to NPN; I think you will find it to be a welcoming and helpful community of photographers. Here is a crop you were suggesting. I look forward to your posting and C&C.

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Ed, I’m coming in late here (been shooting at Acadia the past week), but I like this image very much. There are a number of very strong elements, the god-rays, the well timed surf spray, and the powerful line of the jetty. The processing looks very well handled here too.

I think the clouds in the top third of the image are just not as visually interesting as the strong elements below. I agree with others comments about possibly playing with their contrast. But you may want to consider a significant crop from the top, to create a panoramic presentation, cropping to have only dark clouds above the rays. I think a panoramic crop would place significantly more emphasis on those wonderful god rays.

Thanks for taking the time to do a rework of the image @Ed_McGuirk ; much appreciated. I was reluctant to crop that lighter section of sky, but I have to say that it does place more of a focus on the rays.