Sunrise Through Smoke

Shot 5 years ago in Glacier NP when they were experiencing multiple fires in the area. Interesting exposure settings.

Specific Feedback Requested

Just started using On1 Photo Editing program and was quite surprised by the ability of the program to wash away much of the haze while adding a bit of good sun flare and other enhancements. I can do the same using the TK8 presets/tools but On1 makes it so much easier…well, at least so far as I’ve just barely scratched the surface.
Does the processing I used enhance or detract?

Technical Details

D500, Tokina 17-35 @24mm, f/11, 1/40, ISO 100.

The software is definitely cutting down on the haze, but I think there might be just a bit too much contrast here. Since you are shooting directly into the sun, I’m Ok with lots of haze and a bright, airy feel.


Wonderful scene, Chris. While I haven’t seen the original, this processed version looks good. You clearly had some challenging conditions and the SW seems to have helped it.

I like the flare in the mid left too.

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If it was just haze, perhaps so, but this was dreary, moderately thick smoke from a fire just behind the far left mountain. I didn’t feel like going too bright and airy and still be able to capture the “mood” of the smoke enhanced sunrise. I’ll look at the contrast and see if there’s room to tone it down a bit more.

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Here’s the original:

WOW. Huge difference, Chris! Well done.

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I agree with @ScottSmorra on this. I also think it’s slightly oversharpened as evidenced by the haloing on the horizon… the lens flare is also a bit distracting, you could clean out some of those greens in the flare.

Well done on the editing side after looking at the RAW files. The only suggestion I’d make is trying the crop in a 9x16 to see if it looked better compositionally with less room on top and bottom. Not saying that it’s wrong now, but I always like to suggest trying different crops