Sunset and swift

I thought that this was the best category for this image, since there is by design no detail on the bird. This is one of the more hit-or-miss photos, and I’d like to hear feedback since I’m too close to the image.

121mm focal length (crop sensor)
f/8, 1/100 s, ISO 400

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I like the light and contrast Gaurav but I think the bird is a distraction. I would clone him out and go full abstract on this intimate landscape.

I like the graphic feeling of the image created by the silhouettes, and I also like your processing of the warm color in the water. I’m okay with the bird as part of the story here, and I thought I would never say this in a landscape critique, but I like how you left space in front of the bird for it to fly into. It feels like I should be saying that in the Avian Critique forum instead :grin:

I do have one suggestion, my preference is to do this, although this may be the bias of someone whose native language is English, and used to a left to right flow.


To be honest, my initial reaction was what the heck is that blurry object? I did not have a first impression of a bird in flight (and therefore also didn’t correlate the image title… )

I think it could work, but needs to be cropped. If the bird in flight, by design, is a focal point it needs to be more prominent in the frame, which means a crop. I do like the tonality and the abstract nature of the plants?/stuff in the water - but as presented I’m torn as to what’s the image about the light, water and stuff - OR the bird in flight.

And related to Ed’s comment with the Avian critique… it’s also good to have more room in front of the direction of travel, than behind. Another reason for crop.

Then again, not sure if cropping will be an improvement or not. Maybe something like this:

also bumped the saturation a tad