Sunset Paddle

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I like the idea of this shot. The paddler adds scale and a story to the scene. I also like the contrasting warm and cool tones. I would make two suggestions: The first would be to crop a little off of the top remove that area of bit of blue sky. The second suggestion that I have is to adjust the color balance a bit to back off of the cyan / blue channel a little bit as it feels a tad strong here. Overall this is a beautiful scene and you have captured it well.

Larry, I must admit that I’m a little biased, having done many miles of open water solo canoeing for a number of years. There’s a lot to like about this, largely the dramatic golden hour light and your choice of framing, the paddler traveling into the scene. And having the lone paddler really gives it a sense of scale and adventure. I think the overall composition works in your favor here, as so much about this is atmosphere. I do tend to agree about the cyan color cast. This has lots of potential, and looks like an experienced open water paddler.

I will agree with both @Bill_Leggett and @Brian_Schrayer comments except about solo canoeing lol.
Never been in a canoe.


Love the small solitude juxtaposed against the monumental and dramatic sunset clouds. The canoer is positioned perfectly.

I’m a little unsure of the slice of blue sky up top - but the color seems appropriate given the time of day and lighting conditions.

Well done and beautifully seen and captured.


Definite improvement IMHO with cropping the blue sky from the top along with minor de-saturation of the blues. Thank you to Brian Schrayer for these suggestions and all for taking the time to view and critique my photo,

Larry, your re-post looks great!