Surrounding The Fallen

Another image from my trip last week. D810, 70-200mm


I really love this Harley. There is a richness in tones and the colors look like they’ve been processed to seem very believable. I was thinking it might be better without the fir tree in the ulc but the image does not improve without it. Maybe it’s because the composition is strong already. Maybe it because that tree on the left adds so much. The only comment I have is that the bright aspen on the upper right seems out of character with the others. It also looks as though some burning was done there which left tonal inconsistency. I don’t know if I’m right about the processing, though. I would darken those highlights if possible.

BTW, please check your NPN mailbox.

Also … the luminosity if really special here.

Classic Eastern Sierra, Harley. I couldn’t fault this, it sums up the Sierra very well for me.

Harley, a wonderful look at that unmistakable eastern sierras autumn look. Love the contrasting colors throughout. The high desert sage really adds nicely to these scenes as a carpet of ground cover…:+1:

A lovely grove of beautiful, glowing Aspen. The contrast with the sage and the fallen tree adds interest.

This is excellent Harley. While the scene is busy, it comes together to form a cohesive composition. I like the contrast between the sage and the aspen. I think the dead or dormant Cottonwood (?) tree to the left of center adds some interest as well. Well done!

I really like the composition, a good find with the dead tree in the foreground!
One thing that cought my eye was the brightness of the yellow, but after looking at it for a while it got better and I was able to seperate all the leaves and branches. Otherwise the colours are amazing, a place I would definitely love to visit.

Beautifully done, Harley. The fallen aspen and the gnarly one standing above it really provide a focal point in a sea of color and texture. Excellent.


Love this! The big attraction for me is the weathered old fallen soldier in the sage. For me that’s the story. And I wonder even if the standing snag is what is still left standing…

Beautiful colors, contrast and processing. No nits