Sword-leaved Blue-eyed Grass

I was driving the Creek Turnpike headed to south Broken Arrow, Oklahoma when I missed my exit. I continued to the next exit and, happily, my mistake turned into a lucky happenstance. This beautiful wildflower, native to Oklahoma and Texas, was growing along the roadside in abundance. I took this photo with my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra cell phone, processed in ACR and PSE for exposure and cropping. A vignette applied. Topaz De-noise, though I don’t think it was really needed.

Oh I love these flowers and miss them. I’ve never seen them here in Wisconsin, but I had a small group of them in my old yard. Not this big though, this is wonderful! The vignette is a little much, but the group looks nicely in focus and the color looks right from my memory. They are in the Iris family and make little seed pods when they’re fertilized.

I’m not absolutely sure this is Sword-leaved, but it is certainly Blue-eyed Grass which, as you noted, is not a grass at all. I sent this photo to my wildflower expert at Wild Things Nursery to see if she could confirm ID, and also dropped it into iNaturalist. There were clumps even larger than this nearby, but I was parked half-blocking my lane, and didn’t want to take time to photograph them. I’m going to try to go back later this month and try to collect some seed.

Terry: A fortuitous find indeed and nicely captured. I might consider a tighter crop instead of the vignette but that’s a taste consideration. Well done. >=))>

Thanks for your feedback, Bill. It was a fun find.