Temagami Dawn 4

Well, here is yet another of what seems to be shaping up as a subcategory (and perhaps a little mini-series) from our Temagami canoe trip last August – misty, dawn mornings. In these images I’m trying to capture a sense of a stillness that is so profound you can hear it – where everything seems almost to be floating out of space and time. I would hope that this image draws the reader into a sense of the meditative calm in which these pictures were taken. I would love to get feedback, first and foremost, around the feelings it elicits (if any) but I am always open to any comments relating to composition or technique both in the field and in post.

Is this a composite: No


First thought that came to my mind is blissful solitude, Kerry. This is a place I would want to be over and over again. Very nicely done and thanks for sharing it with us.

Simply beautiful scene. Enough said.

@linda_mellor , @Ronald_Murphy - thanks for taking the time and offering your feedback. Much appreciated.