Temperate Rain Forest New Zealand Best version

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Having lived my entire life in the Northeast US with it’s hardwoods and pines, it was a revelation to be immersed in a temperate rain forest with the interaction of giant ferns and trees.

Specific Feedback

Initial reaction to the image, did it adequately convey the scene as I saw it. Any compositional suggestions?

Technical Details

Nikon D800 E, 24-120 mm lens at 35 mm, ISO 800, f20, 1 second on a tripod

I know what you mean about spending time in a different environment. I grew up in NH and now live in WI and so this shot here is VERY different. In terms of composition I can’t really say because I’m too struck with the brightness and intense magenta cast of the photo. Both are distracting in different ways - in forest scenes with this kind of light I expect a big difference in shadow and highlight areas. This is too even and crunchy in terms of mid-tones contrast. I also see a prominent magenta cast in the deeper tones - just look at the branch in the lower left on the ground. It’s pink. Definitely could use some adjustment.

One thing that I keep in mind about these kinds of scenes is how when we look at them with our eyes, the contrast can be intense, but it also falls off the farther into the scene we look. It’s just the way our eyes work. Camera sensors can pick up detail in the distance that we don’t, but showing that can be disconcerting. I’d revisit this with lower contrast, smoother transitions between luminosity values and lower mid-tones contrast (clarity) for a more natural appearance. Definitely worth trying out!

Something happened in the transition from ProPhotoRBG to sRGB, which I did not see and have not seen before. I attached the image with the original color profile. I was shocked when I opened the first copy and blew it up! I think this is a much better rendition. I will be very careful in the future to look at the 4 MB image at 100% before attaching. Appreciate any thoughts and really appreciate you getting to me so quick. Paul

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This second version looks FAR more natural. You could add it to the original post this way -

(1) Just click the pencil icon to modify that title first. Add +rework or +re-edit to the very first line of your post that shows the title.

(2) To add the re-edited image next to the original one, you’ll click on the pencil icon at the bottom of the original post. You are then taken to the edit mode of your entry. I would suggest placing the cursor at the very top before the original image. That way, the re-edited photo will be the first we see. Please make sure you do not remove the original image. If you want, add some text after the re-edited and original images. That will help viewers know which image they are looking at, if not completely obvious. By doing this, when we click on the first image, we can keep clicking on the arrows to see the others. It’s a lot easier than scrolling up and down.

I think you pretty much nailed it with the repost per @_Kris suggestions. The scene is chaotic; but in a good way as it lets my eye wander around the frame to savor and enjoy all the lovely details and textures. Very nicely done!

Hi Paul,
what a beautiful rainforest scene. I love all those ferns and mossy trunks.

The composition looks good to me. Looks like a really cool location for misty conditions :slight_smile:

You embedded the “ProPhoto RGB” color profile. That is not a good idea to do that for use on the web. I just downloaded your last version and opened it in PS.
PS can handle the ProPhoto profile and the image looks totally different than in my web-browser (Google Chrome).

Somehow the correct version appeared on the site before I could follow your instructions. I have submitted several images for critique, this is the first time the transition from ProPhoto to sRBG toattaly altered the hues. Thank you for your assistance.

Still not sure how the transition from ProPhoto to SRBG altered the hues. First time it happened with all the images I have posted. The re-edited version was sent to Kristen Smith via my email, not knowing it would appear on this site also. I sent the ProPhoto version to her becauseI did not want to chance another alteration in the hues of the forest. Thank you for your critique.