Temporary Stop

This southern Utah rock wall is about 20 or 30 feet across. Like the previous post, I processed this a little cooler than my usual and left in the blue tones. There are also a couple of potential eye catchers on the wall that I decided to leave as is rather than clone.

D850, 200-500mm


This is a great example of how sometimes bigger is better. The thumbnail looks alright but the large image really makes it come to life. The textures on the rock really stand out and I love the color palette. Two of my favorite colors. Did you do any cloning? I went looking for the things you thought were eye catchers and noticed some spots in the LRC that look like stamp reps. Might just be patterns in the rock.

Marvelous. This is a fun theme that I have explored previously in Death Valley. But there is not a lot of bounced light there and you have shown me the kind of life that such light can bring to an image. My only suggestion is to crop this off from the left, perhaps to the 4:3 ratio. It feels that there is a lot of space to the left of the big rock that doesn’t need to be there.

Thanks for the feedback, @Adhika_Lie and @Michael_Lowe. Michael, I did not do any cloning. If you did not notice the eye catchers, so much the better as that means they are not an issue. :+1:

Another strong stone abstract. I think I agree with @Adhika_Lie on cropping a bit off of the left to reduce the negative space in the lower left. Processing looks spot on to me. This one might be interesting in BW as well.

Nothing here I would cone out – this is gorgeous and the colors are very appealing. I like the balance if the elements in the frame, especially the two lines coming together at the left edge. I would consider burning down the other three corners, especially the LL, similarly to the LR. That would take care of any feeling to me of any emptiness there.

I’d consider digging out a bit more detail in the darkest area.

Harley, you are knocking this desert abstracts out of the park !!!

And I like your processing leaning more into the cooler WB side of things too. What impresses me most about this image is how powerful that one boulder is to the composition. Not only does it have a lot of visual wight in the image, it makes me wonder about how that boulder got there. No nits from, I’m enjoying this very much as presented.

Another fascinating abstract, and so different than your prior post. When I first looked at this it reminded me of playing pinball as a kid, where the ball eventually rolls down to be flipped back up or disappear down the crack. :smiley:

I had the same thought too…

Terrific find Harley! I agree with what @Michael_Lowe said about bigger is better. I had the exact same thoughts. There has been mention of cropping off some on the left side but I love that detail where the crack goes out of the frame and I think cropping into that where the two lines come together, would hurt the image. Images like this just make you wonder about our natural world. The larger rock and the accompanying smaller rocks on the other side look like they are holding on for dear life to try and avoid being drawn into the black abyss.

This was an amazing find, Harley,. In my mind, this is an almost perfect image. My view is that I would NOT crop any of it. I love it as is. I know you didn’t clone anything, but that would be the ONLY change I would suggest, and then only to the one small “defect” at the very top center where the defect meets the frame. I know that’s super nitty but, honestly, that’s the only thing I would change. Superb capture!

Harley, this works very well as a “realistic abstract”. You’ve got a fine sense of movement as well as interesting contrast between the subtle warmth of most of the wall and the bluish tones in the ledges. While I don’t know what it might be, I’m sure there’s some fascinating geology in the dark orange bits.