The benefits of looking back

Taken on the morning with the most color - while I mainly had my eyes on The Big Show and did that pano and some smaller slices of the big landscape, I also had the presence of mind to look back across the road at what was giving us all that reflected color in the clouds. I’m not 100% sure, but I might have been the only one to do so. We’ll see if anyone else posts a shot of this in our Facebook group.

Anyway…there isn’t much to put in the foreground over there except the park road, so I went for all sky which I probably would have done anyway except for Bigfoot on a Pink Unicorn in the foreground. The road is still a little bit visible there on the bottom, but I left it dark so it wouldn’t draw the eye too much. Again, the colors are real and no sliders were hurt during the making of this image. Saturation +2, Vibrance 0. It’s one of the most amazing skies I’ve ever seen. With bonus Sundog, too.

Specific Feedback Requested

Too much? Too little? Too Instagrammy?

Technical Details

Single exposure although I did bracket for insurance.


Lr for initial RAW work which wasn’t much honestly. The basic sliders didn’t need much except a little nudge. Added some clarity. Photoshop to tease apart the colors some and to add some clarity to the mid tones. It’s about as SOOC as I get.

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Kris, this is all about the sky, so no need for much in the foreground. I think you balanced it quite nicely. Love the colors and saturation. An awesome sky capture.

I love the pillar of light and stunning color Kris. I am on the fence about suggesting eliminating the foreground altogether.or reducing it. Overall an excellent image Kris.


A glorious sky indeed! And yes, we’ve all seen intense sunsets and so I think your colors/saturation are quite believable!

Great catch of the sun pillar - that really helps make this more than just a regular, spectacular, sunset. :slight_smile:

Thanks @David_Bostock, @Eva_McDermott & @Lon_Overacker - it was a super sky for sure. Just stunning. Makes getting up at 4am worth it!

I did eliminate all of the foreground as a test, Eva, but decided it was just too stark in a way. I think the little strip grounds it a bit and gives some context. But yeah, I don’t think it would suffer too much without it.