The Bluebird in different light

They only come and go, and I didn’t see them again today until the sun was about 30 degrees behind them and they were in the somewhat dappled shade of a tree. They looked very silhouetted but I decided to see what I could do. The sun is at about 90 degrees left on the budding BG trees, making them just slightly darker than if it was right behind me. I think I like it better than the full sunlight on the one I posted earlier today. (Same bird.)

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R5, 1000mm, f/14 (wide open), ISO 2000, 1/320 sec. Cropped to about 90% of full frame then a bit added to the top. Shadow and Highlight sliders pushed all the way, Denoise in PS (would hardly show at this size) then some edge vignette.

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I prefer this shot to the earlier one - I see more detail in the bird, and I prefer the brighter and more contrasting BG here. I hope they choose your box!

Diane, an excellent image with a bit of story telling to it too. No changes needed from my POV… :+1:

oooh I like this one, too. It feels more engaged than the other. Very busy bird and the texture of the feathers really comes through. You’ve got that killer set up working well for you!

An interesting study in light. I, too, prefer this one. The blues seem bolder and the overall detail seems better. Again, nice background, perch, pose, and story.

I haven’t looked at the other one, but this is a true winner, Diane. The light, the background, and the pose of the bluebird make for a very compelling image.

Hi Diane
The head turn and soft light really help out this photograph. Nice work.

Thanks everyone! Still trying to dial in the best light here – and hoping some good action will occur in it!

Exceptional image quality. I think I prefer this one to the earlier post with respect to contrast and tonality. Both are superb.
I would crop some of the right side as I prefer decentered shots. I know this is a matter of preference.

Indirect light does wonders to bring out the blues in bluebirds. A wonderful behavior shot and love the details, comp, and BG…Jim