The Fisherman

I was boating in a salt marsh area near Jacksonville and saw someone fishing. We got a little closer and loved how intensely the dog was concentrating on the task. They were both having fun!

Specific Feedback Requested

I’d appreciate feedback on the composition as well as the post-processing. I was using a prime 300mm lens and I was on a boat, so changing the distance to my subjects would not be easy.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
Nikon D500 with Nikkor 300 mm 1.4 PF lens. Aperture priority, F/8, 1/5000 ss, ISO 400.
I made it a little brighter and sharper in LR, then exchanged the sky in PS

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A very nice job on this image, Scott. I really like the way you framed it given your restriction on having a fixed focal length lens. I do think, since you replaced the sky, that adding a bit at the top would improve the image-it looks like he’s going to bump his head on the top of the frame if he’s not careful.

So does the dog land the fish for him?

Thanks Dennis. That’s a great suggestion.
As for the dog, I don’t think he is much help in landing the fish. Perhaps like an eagle stealing from an osprey, he tries to steal whatever is caught!