The Matrix

Freshly minted out of the camera from just this past week. I’m usually tempted to include the real, reference image, but I think I’ll pass for now and just let the imagination work.

Probably obvious what the base subject is; beyond that hard to figure. And of course one of the beauties of the ICM is the freedom to use any color values that seem fit. Well, actually all the colors are relative to the original scene, but luminosity, tone, hue, saturation… all that, there are no rules. Just a hope that the viewer finds it pleasing.

Specific Feedback Requested

As always, all comments and feedback welcome!

Technical Details

Nikon D800E, 28-300mm @78mm f/22 1/4s iso100, polarizer


Lon, wonderful abstract image. The motion is quite interesting and I remember reading about your technique. But the image is more than just technique. My mind is trying to associate this to a macro image. Perhaps a close-up of woven fabric. Then there is also this feeling of wind. Sort of like the wind is stripping away the outer shell of the trees. Fantastic work all around!

This is a really cool image, Lon. Nice work.

It feels cool, wispy and free. . . at least to me, Lon. This is the type of image where, for me, it really doesn’t matter what it really is. The movement and energy are refreshing and the cool color is something I could stare into forever. Or at least until the temperatures cool down here! Very nicely seen, captured and processed.

Nice image Lon. You have piqued my curiosity. Great name with those cool green/ blue colours.

Is this your letter r technique? I really love it! It looks like a snow blizzard in the forest. Beautiful work, Lon!

Lon, there is something very soothing in your abstract. Blues have that effect, as we know. The motion you created reminds me of a fabric macro or rising smoke. Whatever it is, there is very pleasing symmetry and repetition.

Really nice Lon. It reminds me of a boardwalk with sand or snow blowing over it, but the abstraction makes it more interesting than my interpretation.

I’m undecided on the rightward lean of the vertical lines. I like the sense of motion it adds to the whispy movements, but I’m also curious about the effect if the lines were truly vertical.


Another fine “flexi-photo” or abstract as it were, Lon. I won’t venture a guess at the original view but will just enjoy your artistic approach in the end… :sunglasses:

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Thank you all for your comments, much appreciated.

Vanessa, exactly! Brought to you by the letter “r”. This is one of my favorite letters… ie. ICM movements. Very quick and easy and of course timing is everything. Basically a vertical movement, but then about 1/2 way thru or near the end of the exposure, move the camera horizontally - either to the right or left depending on the results.

Thanks again @Alfredo_Mora , @Matt_Payne , @linda_mellor , @AndreDonawa , @Vanessa_Hill , @Egidio , @Marylynne_Diggs and @Paul_Breitkreuz !


Wow. A very aesthetic and eye-catching capture, Lon! I wanted to ask, is there anything you do to remind yourself which captures you’ve taken are with a polarizer? After a day of shooting and then going back later to review photos, sometimes I’m guessing such details.

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@Peter_Tran , good question on the polarizer. Nope, not much I do to remember. Lately for no particular reason I have been leaving the polarizer on both my dslr’s. Actually, I’m leaving on in particular because of potential ICM’s. when shooting in daylight, it’s pretty hard most times to get shutter speeds down around 1/3 or 1/4 second and the polarize helps by 1.5 stops or so. As it is many times I have to stop down to f/29 or even smaller - I can get to as small as f/36 on one of my lenses at the very wide angle. Of course as everyone knows, image quality, distortions and things creep in at those extreme aperture ends… but then, with ICM, who cares? :slight_smile: Distortion and IQ aren’t so relevant with ICM’s.

Hope this answers your question! Thanks for your comment!

Food for thought. Good things to consider and think about when out and about. :slight_smile:
I’ve been finding myself using a polarizer less sparingly lately. I’m going to have to try to experiment with one on while doing any ICM shots. Thanks for sharing!