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What makes this image expressive?

I was feeling the tranquility of the morning while waiting for a heavy fog to lift. Since the autumn color on the opposite side of the lake had yet to be revealed I started looking for other subjects. I found this interesting pattern of reeds along the shoreline.

Specific Feedback Requested

I’m open to your feedback and thanks for being a Critique Guest on NPN.


Thank you for posting this beautiful image Randall, it is indeed calming.

But why? There is emotional psychology associated to aesthetics, and this image is a very good example. Is it calming because we all love grasses? I think not. It is the nature of elements that change how we feel and how we react emotionally.

The overall lightness of the image - the word light has connotations we understand: Light-hearted, light-headed, light as a feather. Luminosity is light, it energises us and makes us feel alive.

Darkness is the opposite. A dark mood, our darkest hour etc.

Secondly, the thickness of the lines of grass is slim. This again is synonymous with lightness as opposed to heaviness.

Thirdly there are gentle curves here, rather than jagged lines. Lighning has a very different aesthetic to ripples on water.

The emotional language of photography is written in plain site and all we need to do is stop seeing reeds, and start feeling emotional resonance.

Thanks for posting this, I feel lighter already.



This is so delicate… and better description… Exquisite!

A classic subject, but this is captured and processed so beautifully… impressive imagery.

I wouldn’t call this abstract - but who cares as that’s not really relevant… Love this image!



I gave your photo a thumbs up a while back and I find my self stopping to admire it every time I visit the abstract section. Thought it was time to comment.

I love the stark white BG, the delicate black lines of the reeds and the reflection. I especially like the one rebellious reed that arches thru the middle.


Thanks for the comments. I need to get more active in posting and commenting on NPN.


Very much agree: this image is Simply Exquisite, in every sense of the words. Beautifully seen, and processed!

For some reason, this immediately made me think of Kandinsky and Joan Miro, but without any color. (Their use of lines and abstractions.) Have others seen the angelfish in the pattern of the bent reeds? Really like this!