The shape of trees

I spotted this tree in a medical parking lot several months ago and decided I had to try and photograph it at some point when we returned.
I find it fascinating that @bryannelsonca also found a tree with a similar shape. His has a lot more character in the trunk than this one!
Originally what caught my eye was the tree was set against much darker trees which made the white trunk pop. When I did have time to take some photos, I found the angles I wanted did not work. The backdrop for this tree is an office building. I’ve burned down the background to eliminate the reflections from the windows. Also burned some highlights on the right side of the tree.
I am not sure what type of tree this is, although the remaining leaves look like maple leaves and there was some bark at the base of the tree which appeared as though it was pealing off.
What I love is how smooth the trunk is but there is still some texture to it. Also just love the soft curving shape.
Is there enough detail/texture in the trunk? It was quite wind and not enough room for my tripod. So I set a fast iso to compensate for handholding the camera. I would appreciate any thoughts, comments and suggestions. Thanks.
Nikon Z6ii, f/5.6, 1/1250sec., iso 250 @135mm (28-300mm), handheld.


Linda, I find this trunk to be even more sensous that Bryan’s. The bright against black works very well and it’s good to find details in the darker parts of the tree on the left. This is very well seen and presented.

It makes a lovely pair with Bryan’s, though I’d not say his was “sensuous”—but this is! Good work on whatever you had to do to the raw image to get it to this point. Also, I’d ask that you do take time to ID the species, not that the tree cares but I find it makes life richer and connects more dots. “Picture This” is a great phone app with about 99% accuracy.

Thanks so much, @Mark_Seaver and @JohnSnell. John; I’ve not had time to get the app, however, I’ve attached another photo of the tree from that session, which includes leaves and more limbs.

Perhaps this may help. When I do get a positive I’ll be sure to post it.
Mark; I am going back this week and trying for a better position. Appreciate your kind thoughts.

I h ave no doubt you’ll find it is a Sycamore maple


Thank you for the Editor’s Pick, @Mark_Seaver.

This is great work. Everything looks absolutely harmonious and belongs together. i also like the very light gray tones in the black and the highlights are just right. Really impressive.

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Thanks, @Martin9, appreciate your kind thoughts.

It’s interesting to read how the call of this tree was heeded enough to make you return with your camera ( btw I never knew that such white-barked maples existed, interesting!)

For me, the image has a “lunar” quality which engages my imagination a lot. No doubt, the black half of the image makes the bright parts appear even brighter and this results in a beautifully luminous quality to this image.

I also like how you have succeeded in capturing the smoothness of the bark, whilst the excellent contrast makes the small detail and overall texture very easy and pleasing to look at. Definitely plenty enough texture, in my opinion!

I also enjoy letting my eye travel between the larger patches of shadows and light. Somehow, this has a softer effect which transports me “above ground” and lets me see the whole below as a kind of lunar landscape.

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Thanks, @LauraEmerson. Glad to hear you are enjoying the photo.