The Unexpected

While I was attempting to find a composition shooting the noble firs in the background of this photo I zoomed out from 300mm to presently find the tree that was blocking my view ended up being a great subject with some great light on it.
I dont shoot trees very often so any feedback is appreciated

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D750 , 70-300mm, 210mm, f/5.4, 1/320s, ISO 400

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Hi @Michael_Trofimov, really nice shot. I love contrast between tree and background. I like a lot the pattern on the dark background. Thanks for sharing.

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Striking lighting… gives a similar effect as if shot with an infrared camera, but colorized. Character makes some trees be stand out subjects, but in this case it is the lighting and dark background. An amazing shot.


Beautiful contrast of white light on the blue patterned background. I think it just needs a little breathing room on the edges for my taste. Very striking image!

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Michael, this is an extremely striking image, and the processing shows a lot of creative vision on your part. This image creates a wonderful mood with it’s use of color. Congratulations, this is a great image. If this is from someone who doesn’t shoot trees very, all I can say is you should shoot trees more often :grinning:

While I think this is a great image, I think it might be even stronger with a slight crop from the bottom. I think the small patches of red/brown color in the lower right corner compete a little bit with the otherwise wonderful blue color of the background, so I would crop the bottom to eliminate it.

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Michael, I love the light and shadow you captured here. The background has a great texture. My only critique is that it feels too tight on the sides. Nicely seen!

Beautiful image Michael. I agree with Craig. I would like to see more space around the tree.

Eye catching. The tonal contrast between the white tree and the dark blue background is stunning. I would like to see a little more breathing room on both sides of the tree. Maybe remove the little branches encroaching in on the bottom and darken the pink area in the lower right so it does stand out so much. I really like this image. I’m glad you caught it.