There blossoms dawn

This time a vertical sunrise presentation during the same session as Dawn Frieze. Even though it’s such an expansive view, there are competing forms and features on either side of this ridgeline. One is the valley in Dawn Frieze and the other is a wider plain with a green valley and stream. So I decided that it was madness to try to include either one. This was as much color as we got in this part of the sky and I didn’t have to nudge the sliders too much.

Specific Feedback Requested

Removing elements from a composition is said to be a way to strengthen and simplify it and I hope it worked here. Is it balanced? Too soft in terms of contrast?

Technical Details

3-shot HDR created in Lightroom


A little lens correction, exposure boost and the usual curves adjustment. Masks to bring out the best in the sky and the foreground, especially the lighter sand on top of the hills - to draw the viewer in. A little dodging and burning as well to keep eyes from a-wandering. Some sharpening, texture & clarity. Didn’t touch the wb or the HSL panel.


Looks like you had a very productive trip Kris. I like the upward sweep of the clouds and the lead in created by the foreground butte.

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Kris, this is a classic vertical landscape. Well done. I think it’s nicely composed, the light on the foreground is wonderful. And the foreground leads nicely into the scene to support the excellent glow in the sky. I can’t decide which I prefer, this one, or Dawn Frieze. I think I’ll just sit back and enjoy both. Congrats on getting some winning shots.

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Kris, I think the softness is perfect for this photo. More contrast is not needed due to the hard Ridgeline. That draws your eye and sweeps right up to those magical clouds. Vertical was definitely the correct call for this. Nice work!

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Thanks @Eva_McDermott, @David_Bostock & @David_Mullin - Looks like I did the right thing. You know how hard it is when you’re racing the light! I tested compositions just beforehand so going back to find them was all I needed to do. This one might end up in one of the two large vertical frames I have in the house.

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Oh and thanks for the EP - so very nice to be chosen.

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