Sunrise 2

A different perspective toward the west of the dunes at sunrise.

Specific Feedback Requested

comp and processing and anything else

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
200mm, f/10, 1/8, iso 100 tripod

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As compared to your prior GSD post, this one is softer and quieter, but still pretty nice. You really need to view the larger image to fully appreciate its impact, especially the faint hint of alpenglow on the snow covered mountains. Given the grand scale of this scene , I think the amount of foreground grasslands works, without diminishing the dunes impact.

I think you could even consider bump saturation slightly more in the warmer colors (but not in the blues).

I really like the soft, subtle colors and the layering. @Ed_McGuirk makes a good suggestion about the warmer tones.

Thank you for the comments @Ed_McGuirk, @Michael_Lowe . Agree on warmth. Here is a rework I like better as well.

Also this version with sky warmed as well as FG. I think this version is best.

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Agree, the second rework looks great. I especially like what you did with the sky, it now has a more luminous qualty.

A very small point. There is a narrow white line of clouds at the very top I would eliminate.